There is a tendency in high end marketing circles to get inspired about spending about $1000+ /month for email autoresponder services. Usual selling point of these services is higher (albeit unproved) deliverability of emails and better tracking. I personally think that “tracking” is a great marketing trick as it is relatively easy to convince any business owner that his business is not that great (or not as great as could be) because he does not have enough tracking bells and whistles.

Last week I personally been through 3 sales pitches based on this. But that’s another story.

It is a bit of a problem indeed if you have 5,000-10,000 emails list and only half of them reach destination during your next affiliate pimping campaign.

Now here’s what happening. I use gmail and getting pretty much zero spams per day. One of my lists has about 30% of email from gmail. Once in a while during the coffee break I check my spam folder.

And here’s the picture.

Besides exciting viagra, porn, casinos and replica offers – I see oh-so familiar names of internet marketers I subscribed to.

My gmail spam folder pack leaders are Mike Filsaime and second close is David Bass. Why are they in spam folder if I never reported them as spammers and even subscribed to their newsletters?

Both of these guys have zillion names emails lists which they use on a daily basis. There is a high probability that when certain percentage of people see familiar push “you gotta check it now! click here! amazing! free! hurry! …how this guy made millions! etc…” hype – the normal reaction is to click “spam” button. Gmail uses “human” filters to distinguish spam. In other words if certain number of “unconnected” humans report same email as spam – no one else (from gmail users) will get it to their inbox. It will go to spam folder of everyone else automatically.

So it’s not a problem with Aweber, GetResponse or your favorite inexpensive autoresponder. It’s the way people treat your emails. And guys with huge lists are likely to trigger more absolute spam reports than guys with smaller tightly targeted lists.

Here’s your $1000 deliverability problem.

Just get Aweber, stop spamming, erase hype keywords from your dictionary, treat your list like humans and sleep well!