From my constant SEO research across different industries I found that top ranking websites has certain keywords repeatedly occur in their Title tag, page URL, page description, top of page contents or anchor text of backlinks.
I name these keywords “ranking accelerators”. These are the keywords that Google love to see and it seems to give webmaster extra “brownie” points. The good thing is that it doesn’t matter what your website is about. What matters is that Google seems to give more trust to sites that are using them, as these keywords seems often to come together with the quality informative contents. So here is the list (constantly updating).

Ranking Accelerator Keywords. The ones in bold are more powerful.

  • review
  • overview
  • compare, comparison
  • rating, rates, rate
  • quote
  • how …,  how to
  • find, finder
  • research
  • guide
  • specification
  • information
  • Question keywords:  Want to…? Why …? Is … ?
  • ‘!’ sign at the end of title.
  • learn
  • article
  • list
  • resource
  • directory
  • service
  • idea
  • accessories
  • details
  • FAQ
  • free
  • cheap
  • best
  • education[al]
  • describes
  • tips, courses, schools, study, opportunity, comments, results, classifieds, club, design, mastermind
  • buy, supplier
  • tutorial