How to get precise search volume for any keyword or phrase

Imagine knowing exact number of searches for your targeted keyword phrase (or it’s synonyms). This information would let you know instantly whether it’s worthwhile to target certain niche or pass it on for better ones. While it used to be closely guarded data behind Google’s corporate data centers – it is available now on first come – first serve basis.

Google just decided to offer more information about keywords and keyphrases search volume. In fact almost precise numbers as well as average monthly search volume numbers. Any paid subscibers to wordtracker around? Sorry guys, we just got an access to precise numbers from the king of kings. No more questionable guesswork at a premium fee is needed.

Here is goes:

  1. Go ahead to Google Keyword Tool
  2. Click on: How would you like to generate keyword ideas?
  3. Select “Descriptive words or phrases”
  4. In the field: “Enter one keyword or phrase per line:” enter your favorite keyphrase
  5. Press button “Get keyword ideas”. Wait a few seconds…

Together with suggested keywords and all of it’s possible variations – Google will return “Approximate Search Volume” numbers together with “Approx Average Search Volume” numbers for the current month.

Handy indeed.


Gleb Esman

Learn from spammers, Use skills for good

I often type super high competitive keyphrases to see which sites are rank on top of Google and other search engines. This way I could learn what Google consider top ranking sites for the phrase, as well as it gives me an opportunity to reverse engineer  and discover “fresh” tips and tricks for top rankings that are active today.

For example during the last month or two “discount viagra” phrase seems to consistently pull page from among the top results. This is actual link thank ranks high for the above phrase:

While it seems that the guy used huge amount of backlinks from hijacked semi-abandoned blogs, the fact that he chosen to host his spammy page on tells me that this portal might be a great place to host your real blog or page.

That of course if will take care of cleaning up their properties from weeds.

Use ranking accelerator keywords to boost your organic ranking

From my constant SEO research across different industries I found that top ranking websites has certain keywords repeatedly occur in their Title tag, page URL, page description, top of page contents or anchor text of backlinks.
I name these keywords “ranking accelerators”. These are the keywords that Google love to see and it seems to give webmaster extra “brownie” points. The good thing is that it doesn’t matter what your website is about. What matters is that Google seems to give more trust to sites that are using them, as these keywords seems often to come together with the quality informative contents. So here is the list (constantly updating).

Ranking Accelerator Keywords. The ones in bold are more powerful.

  • review
  • overview
  • compare, comparison
  • rating, rates, rate
  • quote
  • how …,  how to
  • find, finder
  • research
  • guide
  • specification
  • information
  • Question keywords:  Want to…? Why …? Is … ?
  • ‘!’ sign at the end of title.
  • learn
  • article
  • list
  • resource
  • directory
  • service
  • idea
  • accessories
  • details
  • FAQ
  • free
  • cheap
  • best
  • education[al]
  • describes
  • tips, courses, schools, study, opportunity, comments, results, classifieds, club, design, mastermind
  • buy, supplier
  • tutorial

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