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When Machine Learning and Anomaly Detection Cannot Detect Fraud: Be careful what you invest into

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As part of being professional consultant building client-specific fraud detection solutions I often witness product pitches by different vendors in a security / fraud detection space.

The recent wave of successful high profile cyberattacks and disastrous data leaks added new level of activity into search for the perfect fraud detection and early alerting solution.

With attackers changing their activity vectors, attack patterns and techniques on a daily basis this makes many legacy fraud detection tools to lose their efficiency and get outdated very quickly.

In the never ending quest to protect enterprise against fraud losses the ideas of Automated Anomaly Detection are picking up steam.

The way it generally works – anomaly detection system would establish baseline for certain predefined dimensions and system would then monitor (often in real time) for deviations from established baseline. Once sufficiently abnormal condition is detected – the alert is issued. Such system could operate pretty automatically and learn from historical and present data constantly updating it’s baselines as well as trigger thresholds. […]

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Before buying membership site software – ask these questions to every vendor

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Building online membership site business is an exciting step on the road to build our own source of residual income.

We all have talents, we all love and know to do certain things better than anyone else. We all know how to solve certain problems that others would love to learn from us. Taking time to put our skills, experience, passion and knowledge on the web and having a chance to monetize it brings triple excitement:

You do something more about what you love.
You share what you love to do with other people and helping them to solve their problems.
You can make money doing what you love.

One way to monetize your skills and experience is to build a siteĀ  and share your skills and experience in form of writings, posts, helpful articles, downloadable ebooks, text, video and audio tutorials or in any other kind of “digital” format. Idea is to share your talents with other people, helping them to solve their problems and making money along the way by charging for information access.
Today on internet people are happily paying for useful practical information.

Once you decide to take a step and start building your online membership business the question is how to proceed? […]

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Build Membership Site for free? You got it!

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Would you like to build membersh […]

Why Hostgator’s support absolutely rocks!

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Here’s my little experience with HostGator service and support.

Well, let me say first that I moved to Hostgator after finding that someone’s e-commerce site was totally flying in terms of speed of contents delivery and she was hosting it all off hostgator’s lower end shared hosting plans. So I decided to move few of my domains to hostgator and even opened a reseller account with them to get a bit of boost in performance.

Yesterday I was working to update my WordPress Membership Plugin (MemberWing allows to build free membership sites) – and it was supposes to send an email when new user is paid and signed up.

Everything was working but that piece – sending email. It was kinda annyoing to me to deliver software that works but no one get notified that it works. In other words sending email part of script didn’t work. So I decided to blame Hostgator and send them email asking it to fix sending email from PHP. My perception was that their security settings was over elevated. […]

Why internet marketers have email deliverability problems

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There is a tendency in high end marketing circles to get inspired about spending about $1000+ /month for email autoresponder services. Usual selling point of these services is higher (albeit unproved) deliverability of emails and better tracking. I personally think that “tracking” is a great marketing trick as it is relatively easy to convince any business owner that his business is not that great (or not as great as could be) because he does not have enough tracking bells and whistles.

Last week I personally been through 3 sales pitches based on this. But that’s another story.

It is a bit of a problem indeed if you have 5,000-10,000 emails list and only half of them reach destination during your next affiliate pimping campaign.

Now here’s what happening. I use gmail and getting pretty much zero spams per day. One of my lists has about 30% of email from gmail. Once in a while during the coffee break I check my spam folder.

And here’s the picture.

Besides exciting viagra, porn, casinos and replica offers – I see oh-so familiar names of internet marketers I subscribed to.

My gmail spam folder pack leaders are Mike Filsaime and second close is David Bass. Why are they in spam folder if I never reported them as spammers and even subscribed to their newsletters? […]

WordPress Membership Plugin – MemberWing. And it’s free!

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If you want to convert your word […]

Aweber vs 1ShoppingCart vs GetResponse – autoresponders comparison

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I was searching for the best autoresponder to use for business and as many of us do – went to Google to search for unbiased opinions, reviews and experiences. The quest was a bit time consuming – Google still has a work to do eliminating useless spam and zero-value pages from their index. Until they do – we – the searchers has to do it ourselves. So I did it and filtered through the content of all these results to make the final choice.

My research might save you time if you’re after similar task.

I already have basic shopping cart account with 1ShoppingCart and they also offer autoresponder at extra monthly cost. Another contender is AWeber. I also found quite a few people using GetResponse. I wanted to find which one is the best and whether I might be missing other choices in this area.

Choosing the right autoresponder is VERY important as the task of moving away from it later on could mean serious loss of established business (old list members refuse to re-optin).

I decided to search for reasonably fresh pages – dated less than 1 yr old. I wanted to find decentĀ  reviews/comparisons/articles regarding choosing the right autoresponder.

So here I just list the reasonably decent posts I found and at the end summarize my choice. […]

5R System: How to build your opt-in list 4 to 7 times faster

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I missed this week’s call with Michel Fortin and Daniel Levis about growing your online customer and prospects lists 4 to 7 times faster. Luckily Michel Fortin (my fellow Ottawan) was kind enough to mail me MP3 recording of a call. This call was obviously pre-sale for more complete and detailed system by Daniel Levis but nevertheless it was full of actionable tips that could be utilized by any webmaster in any business immediately.
Just by reading these ideas and acting upon them could really improve the speed of any opt-in prospects gathering process quite a bit.

So here they are.

5R system by Daniel Levis – well defined workflow for improving conversion. It boils down to:
Effective Communication
which in 5R terms could be spelled as:
Right person communicating Right message to the Right audience at the Right time in the Right way
What these principles are (in different order): […]